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Sun and Moon Water Ritual

Sun Water Recipe


- A clean glass jar or bottle filled with water

- A piece of Citrine crystal (optional)

- A few dried herbs or flowers associated with the sun, such as chamomile, calendula, or sunflower petals


1. Begin your ritual on a sunny…

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Ritual for having a Magic Monday 💫

🪄 Magic Monday Abundance Ritual ✨

Let's end this Monday with a powerful abundance ritual to set the tone for the days ahead. 💫🙏🏿

🍂 **Step 1: Preparation**

Find a quiet, sacred space. Light a green or gold candle to symbolize abundance. Take a few deep breaths to…

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Ritual for manifesting abundance in October

May October bring you prosperity and abundance.



My mind 🧠 is a powerful magnet 🧲〰️💵💸💳 

for wealth 💰 & abundance✨

Ching Ching Ching goes the money tree ✨💸🌴💸✨ & every time it ching's, money comes to me 🤲🏾

and so it is.

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Ritual for Protection

Bonfire Protection Ritual

Ritual History :

On April 30th in Germany, bonfires are lit as protection against evil forces. The celebration of Walpurgisnacht (named for a saint)

Materials Needed :

· 1 yellow candle

(for each family member)

· Dried thistles

· Sea Sa…

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Ritual to Honor Your Ancestors

Ritual to Honor Ancestors

Families often gather at the Graves of their ancestors to Honor them. However, many of us live far away from our family plots and grave sites. This ritual is designed to call upon your ancestors to watch over you.

Materials Needed

· Ph…

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Ritual to Control Your Tongue

We have all said words out of anger, in response to being hurt by someone we love. While it could feel great to lash out, most times we find ourselves wishing we hadn't. This ritual is designed to help you stop yourself from saying things you will regret. It comes…

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Ritual to Overcome Challenges


Ritual History

In classical mythology, Herakles was a hero who overcame obstacles as part of his life path. Every March 11th a festival is held to honor him, making today a very magical day to manifest great change in your life.

In folk magic, dirt gathered fr…

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Ritual to Cope with Sudden Loss

We all have experienced sudden loss at some time in our lives. Perhaps you've lost a family member, friend or your beloved pet. This ritual was designed to assist you in the heart healing process after a sudden loss of a loved one. 

Ritual Time: Sunset

Ritual Loc…

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