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Ritual to Honor Your Ancestors

Ritual to Honor Your Ancestors

Ritual to Honor Ancestors

Families often gather at the Graves of their ancestors to Honor them. However, many of us live far away from our family plots and grave sites. This ritual is designed to call upon your ancestors to watch over you.

Materials Needed

· Photos or Heirlooms of your ancestors

· Charcoal disk and fire proof bowl

· Dried Rosemary

Ritual Instructions

Place your ancestors photo and or heirloom upright on a flat surface. Light the charcoal disk, in the bowl. Add rosemary into the bowl to burn. Take in the scent, focus on all the good memories of your ancestors. As you sit with the photos and or heirlooms say,

" Ancestors, blood of my blood, your wise Spirit runs through me. I call upon you to watch over me. Keep me safe, keep me whole, keep me healthy, keep me strong. I ask that you protect me and guide me, so that I may make you proud. "

Once the Rosemary has burned away, put the photos and heirloom in a place of honor in your home. 

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