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First-Rate Holistic Sacred Space in Las Vegas

Melanated Rituals is a Holistic Sacred Space located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our mission is to provide healing tools, spiritual guidance and ritual kits for all those seeking higher consciousness.

This online sacred space is a safe and secure spiritual platform for all light workers. It's purpose is to virtually assist the collective in moving into the healed space the universe has for them.

Mordor Van Baie

Mordor Van Baie is a Third Generation Wicca Goddess and High Priestess who specializes in holistic healing. Using her gifts as a psychic empath and highly intuitive tarot and oracle reader, she provides spiritual guidance to a collective of Spiritualist across the globe.

Mordor has studied and received certificates in astrology, holistic health, crystal healing and pillars of priestessing.

Mordor founded Melanated Rituals in 2017 after using holistic methods to overcome her battle with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Mordor is a wife, mother and lover of all things magical.

Tarot and Oracle Readings

"Tarot and Oracle readings do more than tell your future. They give deep insight into any situation you may be facing."

~Mordor Van Baie

When it comes to the use of the cards, Mordor has plenty of experience and satisfied clients. Even if you don’t believe in Tarot or Oracle readings, you will find that her channeled wisdom from Spirit will speak to your soul in more ways than one.

The Process:

It is very important that the correct form of reading is performed during your virtual session. Reaching your highest potential depends on it. Although Mordor is skilled at determining which deck has requested to be your guide, using your intuition is always the best way to go.

Once your reading style has been determined, your spread will be choosen. Mordor will then tap into your energy field, while praying and shuffling through the appropriate deck. Once Spirit has revealed your cards, you will receive a photograph, description of your card placements and detailed guidance for each card that was drawn via email.


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The reading was on point. It resognated with my soul. It gave me a starting point and perspective for 2020. It also validadted feelings I have been experiencing. What was given to me was beyond …

M. Gray

You are amazing thank you for taking the time to not only pull cards for me, but slso the breakdown and turnaround, wow. truly was confirmation for me. That final push to actually start fully …


Wonderful testimony about distance readings. Energy and the cards don't lie. 

A Askew

Zen The Fuck Up!

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All services
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Virtual Tarot Readings

Virtual Oracle Readings

Virtual Pendulum Readings

Virtual Crystal Healing

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2 Reviews

Abohemian Beauty

17 September 2020

17 September


The readings I’ve received have been highly informative and accurate. I’ve been able to adjust my energy to get the results I want.

Meleah Gray Brown

22 March 2020

22 March


My readings are always on point ... same way people like to do checks up w they’re PCP to stay healthy , I like to check up w Melanated Rituals to keep my spiri...
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