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Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho – a symbol of spiritual rebirth and growth. Embrace the energy of renewal with this unique and sacred plant. Watch as it unfurls, bringing positive vibes and a sense of tranquility to your space. Elevate your spiritual journey with the mystical essence of the Rose of Jericho, a timeless companion for mindfulness and positive energy.

  • Medium Size Jericho Dried Roses (2.5'' - 3.5'') Each.
  • Instructions to turn the Rose of Jericho into an amulet: The Rose of Jericho should be placed in a deep plate with water, at 9:00 or 15:00 on a Tuesday or Friday. You have to leave it in the water for three days in a row, taking it out of the container at the same time it was put in and pronouncing the prayers with Faith. The water that remains in the plate is used to sprinkle the corners of the house door, for the outside part.
  • To get more money: You have to put the Rose of Jericho in a large container almost completely covered with water. In the container, five legal tender coins of any country should be put, preferably yellow (gold or copper). Prayer must be done daily, according to need.
  • To eliminate tensions and envy: The Rose of Jericho is placed in a deep dish with water, completely covering the roots and exposing the leaves. The ideal is to do it on a Tuesday or a Friday, either at 9:00 or 15:00. The plant is left three days in a row (you have to say the prayer every day) and it is removed at the same time it was put on. The flower is then allowed to dry again.
  • To get a job or any other goal: You have to put the Rose of Jericho in a large container until it is covered with water. Then the wish must be written on paper (parchment, plastic, vegetable, etc.) and in pencil or indelible ink. The paper is rolled up with a small iron or lodestone and this little package is tied to the roots of the plant, always on a new or crescent moon, leaving it until the full moon. The prayer must be carried out for six days, adding the specific request with Faith.
  • For Peace and Happiness in the house: The Rose of Jericho is placed in a container of water and the entire rose is covered. It is left in a container, in a corner of the room or room, and water is added when it is lacking or changed if it becomes cloudy. The prayer is pronounced once a day.
  • We hope that with the Rose of Jericho your dreams come true in these uncertain times!
$5.55 Per plant

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