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Virtual Tarot and Oracle Readings

Virtual Tarot and Oracle  Readings

At Melanated Rituals we use tarot and oracle cards to gain insight on different aspects of our clients life.

What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

🔮 Tarot decks have 78 cards. Those cards split, are made up of the major and minor arcana. Each card has it's own specific meaning that is used to interpret the clarity one is asking for. Tarot decks can be very straight to the point. They have no shame in calling it like it is.

🔮 Oracle decks have no set card limit. Some may have 15, while others may have 35. Each card in the collection gives it's own guidance and perspective on ones lived experience. Oracle decks seem to be more loose and interpretive. Making them more nurturing.

All Readings Include:

• Detailed description & interpretation of each card

• Insight & wisdom channeled from guides

• Spiritual Guidance

• Oracle reading to clarify tarot spread

• Photo of each spread and message exchanges emailed for future reference

Click "Book Spiritual Services"

Choose your spread (use your intuition)

Click "Book"

Wait for invoice via email

Pay invoice

Receive booking confirmation

Drink plenty of water

Enjoy the clarity you receive