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Mordor Van Baie

Mordor Van Baie

“I wanted to live, so I ditched western medicine and started healing myself through self love, herbal remedies and the holistic practices of my ancestors.”

~Mordor Van Baie


Peace Zen Fam 👋🏾 

I was born in Long Beach, California as Marcisa Greene, but I have since been reborn as Mordor Van Baie, meaning “Mother of Many”. A name that was given to me in ceremony, based on the mothering role I play in the lives of many beautiful souls I have known over my life. 

I am honored to use my gifts as a holistic practitioner and spiritual counselor, to provide a safe space for a collective of light workers and their children to grow and thrive, authentically. 

I have studied and received my third degree masters in Holistic Health from Wicca Academy, and have been mentored and ordained as a Wicca High Priestess by Shaman, Dr. Athena Perrakis “The Sage Goddess”.

Since relocating to Las Vegas, from Long Beach, California; I have received certification as a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, under the lineage of Usui Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui.

The collective of light workers I empower, knows me as a lover of all things magical. The community of leaders I partner with, know me as the Owner and Director of the very first, black owned, woman operated; holistic group childcare service provider, in the state of Nevada. 

Becoming a High Priestess has been a very rewarding and magical journey for me. As a melanted woman, holding space for my community gives me the self determination needed to define my own paths, breaking free from societal expectations and biases. By forging my own unique narratives, rituals and practices, I contribute to the reshaping of religious paradigms.

Every day I am a walking testament to strength and resilience, paired with spiritual teachings being the gateway to becoming my highest, most authentic self. In an ego-driven society, self-determination becomes a catalyst for authenticity and genuine leadership. Melanated female leaders who are true to themselves inspire others, creating a ripple effect that challenges traditional norms and fosters diversity of thought. I am proud to be one of those leaders.

I look forward to building with and holding space for the beautifully designed energies of this world. Thank you for visiting my website and I pray to connect with you soon 💜

Mordor Van Baie