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Ritual for Protection

Ritual for Protection

Bonfire Protection Ritual

Ritual History :

On April 30th in Germany, bonfires are lit as protection against evil forces. The celebration of Walpurgisnacht (named for a saint)

Materials Needed :

· 1 yellow candle

(for each family member)

· Dried thistles

· Sea Salt

Ritual Time :

Do this ritual at night

Ritual Instructions :

Everyone doesn't live near a beach, so if you can't build a bonfire, don't worry. In this ritual, you will use candles. Yellow candles. One to represent each family member you want to protect.

Arrange the candles in a circle while saying, " family bonds, love and light, flames protect us in the dark of night."

Place the thistles in a ring outside the candle while saying, " leaves and flowers, spikes and bristles, protection with these thorny thistles. "

Lastly, sprinkle the salt in a circle outside the thistles while saying, " salt surround us and keep us well, danger pass by the place we dwell. "

Allow the candles to burn out on their own. The next morning, scatter the salt and the thistles around your front doorstep.

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