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Ritual for having a Magic Monday 💫

Ritual for having a Magic Monday 💫

🪄 Magic Monday Abundance Ritual ✨

Let's end this Monday with a powerful abundance ritual to set the tone for the days ahead. 💫🙏🏿

🍂 **Step 1: Preparation**

Find a quiet, sacred space. Light a green or gold candle to symbolize abundance. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

🌟 **Step 2: Affirmations**

Close your eyes and repeat these affirmations:

- "I am a magnet for abundance."

- "Abundance flows to me effortlessly."

- "I am open to receive all the blessings the universe has to offer."

🌾 **Step 3: Visualization**

Visualize a golden light surrounding you, filling your space with warmth and prosperity. Imagine all the abundance you desire flowing towards you like a gentle stream.

🙌🏿 **Step 4: Gratitude**

Express gratitude for the abundance already present in your life. Feel the joy of appreciation deep within your heart.

💎 **Step 5: Offering**

Place a small offering of gratitude, such as a coin or a piece of fruit, on your altar as a symbol of your willingness to give back to the universe.

🌈 **Step 6: Closing**

Blow out the candle, knowing that the energy of abundance continues to work on your behalf. Carry this energy with you throughout your week.

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