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Ritual to Overcome Challenges

Ritual to Overcome Challenges


Ritual History

In classical mythology, Herakles was a hero who overcame obstacles as part of his life path. Every March 11th a festival is held to honor him, making today a very magical day to manifest great change in your life.

In folk magic, dirt gathered from crossroads unblock things that may get in your way. Purple candles are also used to represent your personal power.

Why you should add this ritual to your self-care tool box

If you are currently facing challenges in your life or to counteract challenges that are yet to come.  

What to do

Light the purple candle. As you look into the flame, think about each obstacle you need or may need to overcome. Be as focused as you possibly can. Place the dirt in the bag, mixing it all together, pull the drawstring tight and say,

" I am successful and I am strong.

My fears do not define me.

Obstacles do not stop me.

Challenges do not frighten me.

I am successful and I am strong. "

Carry the bag with you when going out into the world and know that you will be protected. 

Mordor Van Baie 💜

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