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Ritual to Cope with Sudden Loss

Ritual to Cope with Sudden Loss

We all have experienced sudden loss at some time in our lives. Perhaps you've lost a family member, friend or your beloved pet. This ritual was designed to assist you in the heart healing process after a sudden loss of a loved one. 

Ritual Time: Sunset

Ritual Location: Outside


Symbols of the 4 elements, 1 rock, 1 feather, 1 candle and 1 cup of water, 1 photo of the person/pet you have lost

 Ritual Instructions

·Place the rock to the north

·Feather to the east

·Light the candle, place it to the south

·Cup of water to the west

Begin my facing north, holding the photo and turn clockwise as you say.....

"(name), I send you now oh, back to the north, from which we sprang."

"(name), I send you now, back to the east, to the air that gave you breath."

"(name), I send you now, back to the south, to the fire that drove your passion."

"(name), I send you now, back to the west, to the water from which cleanses your spirit." 

Hold the photo to the setting sun and say, " I send you on your way. You are gone, but not forgotten. You will always live within my heart, and someday, we will meet again."

As the sun sets beyond the horizon, extinguish the candle and bury it along with the rock, the feather and the cup of water. Take the photo home and keep it in a place of honor (ancestors altar).

May this ritual send your loved one to healed space in love, as you begin the journey of healing your heart from their transition.

Mordor Van Baie 💜

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