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Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is said to break down energy blocks within the body, allowing the body to self balance and heal. Reiki practitioners use this alternative therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases.

As Reiki breaks down energy blocks, it balances the mind, body, and spirit. Regular Reiki treatment promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body. This allows people to feel less stress, enhances learning and memory, promotes mental clarity, and physical healing/ less physical pain.

Mordor will not diagnosed conditions nor prescribed or perform a medical treatment. She is only the channel in which your reiki will be received. Mordor is a certified Reiki Practitioner. She received her certification from The Enchanted Forest Reiki Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please know that reiki sessions do not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.

Our bodies have the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation during your session is often beneficial. Long-term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself.

During distance sessions, Mordor uses a Reiki bear. It's called the "teddy bear method". The reiki bear will be your channel for receiving healing. If you find yourself wondering, "Will I receive healing through the bear?" or "Will I feel anything?" The answer is, yes. Reiki is a very intelligent energy, it knows exactly where to go. You may feel the affects of the energy transfer, as if Mordor was in the room with you, performing the session directly on your body. You may even begin to release trauma through tears. Some clients fall asleep during their session, which is perfectly fine. Sleeping will allow you to receive your healing without you being "in your head". All and all, Reiki is beautiful and we pray you will be open to the process.

$33.33 per session

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