Zen The Fuck Up! 3 in 1 "Beginners" Ritual Kit

Zen The Fuck Up! 3 in 1 "Beginners" Ritual Kit

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This kit is perfect for introducing crystals and crystal healing into the lives of those you care about.

Kit Includes:

(3) Gemstones
•Rose Quartz- Self Love
•Clear Quartz- Cleansing
•Selenite- Protection

(3) Candles
•Pink- Self Love
•White- Cleansing
•Black- Protection

(1) Small
•Abalone Shell

(1) Smudge Bundle
•White Sage

(1) Smudge Stick
•Palo Santo

(1) Small
•Smudge Feather

(1) Small
•Bottle of Moon Water

And of course, no Ritual would be complete without YOU!  

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