"Smudge It Out!" Smudging Kit

"Smudge It Out!" Smudging Kit

Our White Sage smudge sticks offer powerful cleansing, spiritual healing and protection. White Sage gets rid of lingering energy, helps cleanse your sacred space for meditation and dispel bad vibes in your home.

Palo Santo calms any negative vibe. It's relaxing scent attracts positive energy, creativity, healing and promotes concentration during meditation. It's antimicrobial and antimicrobial healing properties help fight off the common cold and flu. It is definitely a great healing tool to have in your home during pollen season. It can also be used as a natural remedy to relieve asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation.

Abalone Shells are a great addition to any alter and are used primarily for burning & extinguishing smudging herbs.  

Abalone Shells also enhances the feeling of peace, compassion and love within your sacred space. It is a wonderful healing tool to use during times of emotional challenges, as it soothes the nerves by encouraging a calm demeanour.

All of our smudge sticks are sustainably grown on private sacred land and very carefully collected to preserve their sacred healing properties.Detailed smudging instructions are included with each purchase.

$25.00 per kit

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