"Manifest" Ritual Kit

"Manifest" Ritual Kit

"The greatest gift to give yourself is the freedom to know PEACE. Release the fears of 2020 and affirm your greatness in 2021."

~ Mordor Van Baie

This 7 piece ritual kit includes healing tools to assist you in aligning your spirit with your purpose in 2021. Each individual tool was intuitively chosen for it's manifesting inspiration and healing properties.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Smudge Bundle
  • (1) Intention Setting Journal with Calligraphy Pen
  • (1) Energy Balancing Candle Set
  • (1) Citrine "Manifesting" Crystal
  • (1) "Wisdom" Buddha Keychain
  • (6) Spell Cards
  • (1) Daily Affirmation PDF (365 downloadable affirmations)

Don't wait until tomorrow to walk in your greatness. Today is the perfect day for manifesting.  

Per Kit

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