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Melanin Magic

The Ancestors believed the root of all autoimmune diseases was lack of unconditional love.

It has been proven that essential oils help to ground the spirit when negative vibrations arise.

Majority of society has allowed their abusers to convince them they are not worthy of love. Which has been the teaspoon stirring the autoimmune pot for generation after generation.

Our Melanin Magic oil contains Rose, Ylang Ylang and sacred moon oil. Perfectly blended in ritual, under the new moon. Golden Sheen Obsidian chips are added to each bottle, to bring the darkness within you to the light.

The healing properties in this blend ground your heart chakra with each inhale.

Proceeds for each bottle sold will help fund rides to and from doctor visits for low income patients who are challenged with autoimmune diseases in las vegas, nevada.

$9.00 Per Bottle

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