Queens Create Queens “Let’s Talk… Let’s Shop Experience

Queens Create Queens “Let’s Talk… Let’s Shop Experience


“ I share this flyer in love and gratitude “
Mordor Van Baie 

Let’s Talk, Let’s Shop, Let’s Chill has changed my perspective on women. I come from the era of the “side eye” and have always experienced women and their side eyes when asking for advice. 

As a child who always felt un protected, I have taken on the role of being a protector of children. In doing so, I love hard, yet rarely trust anyone. Why? Simply because my love is not always rewarded with appreciation. It is more times than not, rewarded with outbursts of anger, gaslighting and manipulation. Which often leads me to question why I continue to care the way I do. Sometimes to the point of self doubt and self sabotage. 

No more though! I have stepped out of fear, let go of resentment and have been allowing my Sista Queens to hold space for me, as I transition into my new perspective on feminine energy. 

During these experiences, I have been able to connect with women from all over. Women with the most beautiful souls and passion for their healing journeys.

I would like to invite you to explore what healing through sisterhood can bring. Meet for an afternoon of soul healing.

Event begins at 6 pm

Late entry welcome 

Free & for WOMEN ONLY 

Mountain West Eatery 

1375 E Tropicana Ave 

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